I attended University of Seville, where I took my Bachelor of Journalism, my master’s degree in Scriptwriting, and my doctoral degree in Communication.

(Yes, I kinda like this university.)

For the last ten years I’ve been involved in many fascinating projects.

As a narrative designer, I’ve worked with GameHouse on the development of the My Original Stories series. I’ve designed my own interactive fiction with Twine and showcased it at the 27th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media in Halifax, Canada, and at the British Library during WordPlay London 2016. I also worked as a game writer for the Spanish ARPG Decadence: Home, Sweet Home.

As a game studies researcher, I’ve published on journals such as Replaying Japan (Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto) and LifePlay (University of Seville). I’m the author or coauthor of four books: Maestros del terror interactivo (Síntesis, 2015), La Odisea de Shenmue (Héroes de Papel, 2015), L’Histoire de Shenmue (Pix’n Love, 2016), and Ludonomicón (Héroes de Papel, 2019). I’ve done two research stays abroad: at the Charles University in Prague, and at the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies in Tampere, Finland.

As a game designer, I worked on three video games developed by the Spanish studio Agaporni Games. I mainly did high and low-level game design, level design with Unity 3D, and content monetization. I also worked for one year and a half as a PR, game/localization tester and community manager at Firefly Studios. More recently, I did the Spanish proofreading and copyediting of the game Yuppie Psycho by Spanish studio Baroque Decay.

As a side note, I’ve done teaching at the Master’s degree in Game Design at the University of Seville; I’ve contributed to blogs such as GameReport, Aula de Videojuegos (El País), Canino, Mundogamers, and Marca Player, writing on video games and culture; and I worked on the Kickstarter and social media campaign of the board game Sevilla 1503 by Spanish publisher Delirium Games.